Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a big smile mid-week: macarons from sucre

Oh dear. I have another food crush. I mean, a girl cannot live on green smoothies alone, right? And oh how I do love a French macaron... the kind that is crisp on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside. Mmmm.

This pretty box of 15 decadent macarons was waiting on my doorstep when I came out of our latest construction meeting. The sweet folks at Sucre wanted to give one of my lucky readers a box as a treat. I thanked them for the generous offer, but told them I always have to try anything I'm going to give-away or possibly recommend. My job is tough, but someone has to do it.

And that is how I ended up with macarons on my doorstep. Trust me, my life is not nearly as glamorous or decadent on a daily basis.

The taste-testing is done. {And no, I am not going to take another photo and show you how many I ate with my afternoon tea.} Suffice it to say that this goes down as one of my better work days, or days in general.

Packaged to travel well, these macarons will absolutely brighten someone's day. Trust me, I know this firsthand. I cannot wait to have Sucre send a 15-piece box of their Signature Macarons to one lucky full plate blog reader! If you would like to win this special treat, please leave me a comment on this post letting me know why you're a busy mom who deserves a little something decadent and special mid-week. I will use to choose one winner on Sunday, February 24th at noon (Eastern time). Winner must live in contiguous United States. Sucre will ship the macarons directly to you. Lucky you!!


  1. As a mom of twin two years olds that works full time I would love a UPS delivery that is something other than diapers or sippy cups!

  2. I don't deserve it, but I sure would enjoy it! With the impending ice storm, this would give me something to look forward to!


    oneformywin @ gmail .com

  3. I teach, tutor, and have a toddler, while still doing the majority of the housework ;( pick me!!

  4. Nine year old twin boys!

    As a mother of twin boys I would be very deserving and appreciative of these sugary French treats. The fact that these little morsels were crafted by Tariq Hanna, one of the country's top ten pastry chefs in 2011 (and based in New Orleans, no less), means that for a few minutes there would be only a few degrees of separation between he and I.

    I also deserve these treats because I might be better able to baby step my way to incorporating more greens into my diet by sampling the pistachio macarons. But who are we kidding...I am so enthralled with the French influenced food traditions of New Orleans, that I would pull a Cookie Monster move and even eat their beautiful, wrapping paper!
    Three cheers for Sucre!

  5. Wow, I've been dying to try these! This full-time working, part-time student mom of an 18 month old would be grateful for the mid-week treat :)

  6. OH yum! There is a place around here, off the beaten path, that my husband and I drove over just to get their Macarons.I think that was 10 years ago and I don't even remember their name.Would love to try these. If we don't win, we may have to leave our work desk and go on a road trip while the kids are in school.

  7. I am a busy mom to a three year old. Between running her to preschool,
    dance classes and play dates, I could use something that was just for
    me. These macarons look incredible. They would definitely be all forme, my secret little treat to get through the busy week!

  8. I'm a mom of 4 kids ages 7 to 11, working full time with no help (so squeezing it in while they are in school), and boy, do I need a treat. As a bonus, I lived in France during college, so J'adore a proper French macaron! xo

    1. Annie! You were the winner!!! Congratulations. Please email me (mealsinasnap {at} gmail {dot} com) so i may pass along shipping instructions to Sucre!!! Hope you love them!!

  9. I am a student and macarons are my absolute favorite! Would love to win this, and I adore Sucre!

  10. These are my absolute favorite treat for myself, yet hard to come by. Life has been difficult lately as I'm dealing with my mom in the hospital with cancer, but I would love to share these with the nurses to let them know how much I appreciate them!

  11. I am a single mother trying to put my daughter through college by myself. I'd love to have something sweet every once in a while! :)

  12. Thank you all-- you all sound deserving!! Annie Long Sullivan is the lucky winner #8 this go round! Annie, please email me your shipping address so Sucre can send you the treat!


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