Sunday, February 10, 2013

the red streak continues!

The red streak continues, though I'm totally losing steam... tonight I gave in to their backseat pleas on the way home from igloo building and paddle tennis, and detoured to Station Eats in town, letting the tomato and ketchup on their burgers count as the "red" part of dinner. Hey, as long as the judge is on board with that, then cool. Okay, so what else have I been serving up? A red frittata made with roasted peppers + sun-dried tomatoes, onion, bacon and cherry tomatoes ({drum roll} with enough leftover + some protein pancakes, so Mon/Tues breakfast are taken care of. Giddyup.).

Pre-sledding lunch was some of the beef ragu from the night before re-purposed as mini pizzas: toasted whole wheat English muffins topped with warm sauce + mozzarella + roasted pepper, then popped under the broiler. A comforting winter lunch made in 5 minutes...

Then, last night we were going out, so I made them {always wildly exciting for some reason} "breakfast for dinner": bacon (from the dip I was making) + red apples + half an egg and cheese on a whole wheat English muffin + some organic yogurt topped with granola.

If you have red ideas to get me through the next 12 meals, please leave me a comment. Or better yet, tell me where I can pick it up in town!

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