Saturday, February 9, 2013

5th day of (pre-Valentines) red foods

pinwheels made with Maria and Ricardo's multi-grain tortillasstrawberry cream cheese + sliced fresh organic strawberries

I've made it (with bright red flames trailing me) through Day 5 of the "all red foods until Valentine's Day" challenge my younger son threw my way. So, that's about 10 meals down and (errrr), 18 to go. You'll see there was-- and will probably continue to be-- a lot of "re-purposing" of red foods so I can continue to come up with 3 meals/day... and not spend a lot of time in the kitchen. My little one was somewhat shocked to see another red breakfast (and maybe a little bummed because he just wants cold cereal). 

snow day from school, so lunch was at home: a Whole Foods frozen Stracchino and Arugula pizza doctored up with some cherry tomatoes to make it "red" + some of the strawberry cream cheese used as a dip for organic berries and red apple slices + a Tate's chocolate chip cookie

and for dinner: my go-to Beef Ragu (earthy, rich and comforting + it freezes perfectly, so make a big batch when you make it) over Tinkyada brown rice spiral pasta... with red wine 


  1. pinwheels made with Maria and Ricardo's multi-grain tortillas I would like to view the recipe for it can you post it or send it to me at rvbisson07 tx !

    1. Hi Rose,
      It's simply:
      strawberry cream cheese (store-bought or homemade)
      thinly sliced strawberries
      I spread cream cheese on the flat tortilla, sprinkle thinly sliced strawberries around, then roll up! Hope you/your family like this healthy treat!


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