Sunday, February 24, 2013

food crush: nothin' but granola cookies

I realize that my last post was about a cookie... and a crush. Really, we'll get back to savory stuff soon. And I promise to stop swooning over sweet things. I promise. But in the meantime, I must share this little find because it is soooo good. (And we all know that when something delicious, easy, and made with real ingredients, there's a high likelihood that I'll develop one of my crushes...)

Just about every Saturday, we drive several hours to ski. 

And while this makes our Saturday outings look very sexy/dramatic, the normal gig is: waking up really early... quickly popping a hearty breakfast of something I made ahead like protein pancakes or a frittata down 4 hatches... assembling a picnic lunch... piling the kids and all of our season rental ski equipment into the car.... and driving several hours with my 6-year-old dictating what we'll listen to on the radio. Because the food at the local mountain is pretty nasty (unless you're a fan of blue sports drinks, chicken tenders and hot dogs), I load up on healthier, yummier options. 

So, yesterday, I popped a box of these "granola cookies" into our vittles bag, alongside Hint waters, homemade wrap sandwiches, Walter Stewart's Market's wheatberry salad, carrots, apples, cucumber slices, clementines, Deep River chips and Odwalla smoothies.

I'd love to say I had the time-- or interest-- in baking homemade cookies before this weekend's adventure. But I didn't. My 10th birthday cupcake baking on Friday zapped me of all my baking energy for the week, maybe month. So, these were the perfect treat. Made with: almonds, rolled oats, 72% dark chocolate, honey, coconut oil, organic sugar, olive oil, oat flour, water, vanilla, sea salt, espresso powder and cinnamon, this box of about 14 little nuggets is crush-worthy, don't you think?

Oh, and they were enjoyed again today at my "graduation celebration". Yes, yours truly is officially a certified health coach focused on helping you feed your family well. Not so different than before, just a little more educated!

Follow-up: Ha! See, this is why my crushes are so fabulous. Remember that LPQ granola bar I told you about a while back? Same maker as these granola cookies!! I knew the name sounded familiar. See, I know a good thing when I eat it. Stick with me kids.... 

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