Friday, February 8, 2013

the red foods keep on coming!

Van's whole grain frozen waffle topped with homemade strawberry cream cheese + Applegate Farms chicken-apple sausages + organic raspberries and banana + Red Jacket Orchards Strawberry Apple Cider

Yep, I'm kind of smitten with myself. I'm pretty much knocking the socks off of my 6-year-old, who challenged me to make "red meals" from February 4th until Valentine's Day...

(leftover) ravioli with Rao's marinara sauce + chicken from the night before's batch of bone broth + watermelon + cherry tomatoes + Earthbound Farms frozen cherries (which thawed by lunchtime)

(leftover) red pizza + an organic strawberry + organic red pepper spears + a beef and bulgur meatball in homemade orange-basil tomato sauce

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