Saturday, February 9, 2013

red breakfast for Valentine's (or cozy snow days): protein pancakes with creamy strawberry syrup

Remember the strawberry cream cheese I whipped up a few days ago? Well, it made a lot. A lot more than we were going to spread on sandwiches and English muffins this week... so yesterday, it moonlighted as a sweet dip for fruit (as is, no doctoring up needed, though one commenter on the FB page said she'd add "fluff" to it... which probably would be decadent and delicious. Shh, don't tell my kids that's even an option. They won't miss what they've never had.)

Today, I swirled in a little local maple syrup, warmed it a bit, and it became a delicious topping for our protein pancakes. So simple: cream cheese pulsed in the Cuisinart with thawed organic strawberries + a bit of maple syrup = creamy strawberry syrup!

Those of you who have made my protein pancakes know they are so easy, and are a perfect make-ahead breakfast. We usually make a big batch over the weekend, enjoying them that morning, and then have some at-the-ready for school days ahead. Today's "red" breakfast" also featured the crowd-pleasing Mamacat Q Tea's "Ruby Slipper" tea... and some eating with our hands. I'm picking my battles these days...

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