Wednesday, August 15, 2012

we have winners!!

Thank you so, so much to everyone who completed my recent survey, giving me feedback on what else I can do to help you all quickly, easily-- and enthusiastically -- get nourishing, delicious meals made for your families. You all know I am a fan of family meals... but I know the thought of cooking (let alone daily!) causes many moms to run for the hills (or perhaps the closest drive-thru or freezer case). Based upon your feedback, I am absolutely thrilled to start work on my first make-ahead meal plan and shopping lists, perfect for the busy back-to-school season. Being able to efficiently cook healthful meals is an invaluable skill, and I cannot wait to share my tips, recipes and plans from my personal chef days (where I was the queen of make ahead meals for my clients) + the cooking rhythm (a.k.a. method to the madness) that I employ in my own home with two young children... and a very busy schedule.

Now, I also promised to pick three winners from all of you who filled out the survey. So, without further adieu..... {drum roll} the winners are:

And, since I was overwhelmed by your responsiveness (and my kids were wildly excited about picking winners), I decided to give not three-- but five-- of you access these simple, healthy meal plans before they go public. So, the two bonus winners are.... {drum roll #2}:

I'll be emailing each of you who won to give you the scoop!

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