Monday, August 6, 2012

just call me "the fairy godmother of simple family cooking"

Ever wish you had a fairy godmother would would magically pop a healthy, scrumptious dinner on the table each night? Ha! Well, I used to be that person... back when I had my personal chef service! Now, my goal is to help busy parents get comfortable cooking healthful, delicious meals for their families... no personal chef required. The trick is to keep it simple, and to get into a rhythm. It's most certainly not about perfection. And, it's not about getting all fancy with your cooking. Nope, it's about have a repertoire of solid, stand-by recipes that you feel capable of whipping up, even on the busiest of days. As a new school year is around the corner, I've put together a survey to see what would help you get more comfortable in the kitchen? Several of you have asked for meal plans, and other have asked for cooking lessons (both live, and recorded). Is there something I can put together that would make cooking more enjoyable-- and doable-- for you? If so, please take a moment to answer this brief survey, or feel free to leave a comment on this post. I'll be taking both to heart as I plan my Fall cooking, writing, speaking and teaching schedule.

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