Friday, August 3, 2012

a few of the (healthy + quick) meals we've been enjoying this week

In between biking adventures...

I made a batch of this gingery meat filling (with local beef... easy to get out here in Idaho) and turkey. We enjoyed it on cabbage leaves this time. Delicious.

Then, before heading up to a local lake for a day of hiking, kayaking and swimming I gave this fresh berry-filled, flourless pancake a whirl. It was ahhhhmazing. Of course I was too busy packing our picnic lunch and backpacks to remember to photograph it in progress. So, I'll have to make it again (oh shucks) so I can share it with you guys. (The photo above is out of the fridge, day, not very pretty but it's really good the next day too. Trust me.)

Today we enjoyed....

the last of the Asian-inspired meat filling as a quick lunch. (This time we ate it cold... again, delicious, and so nice to have a yummy lunch in minutes!)

Then tonight, after a day of scrambling up rocks....

I made a (from memory) version of the raw "spaghetti" I remembered enjoying the week I did the raw cleanse. I didn't have my recipe, but winged it and everyone loved it-- grandparents and kids alike. This is definitely worth sharing! Will do so this weekend!!

Hope you are all spending August enjoying food and activities that nourish you too. We'll all be getting into the back-to-school groove before we know it, so I am relishing this time! I have my pinky toe in Fall planning though, so, if you haven't shared your thoughts on what you might like meal-planning/ebook/video-wise, you have a couple more days to do so (and to possibly be one of three winners of whichever product I launch first!).

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