Monday, August 27, 2012

(nut-free) snack ideas for school, camp, hikes and road trips!

Whether you're packing snacks for day camp, day care, school or the day's adventure, I don't think you can ever have too much packable snack-time inspiration. So, here's a round-up of  hearty + healthy snack ideas! (All are nut-free too, in case that's a contingency in your family/camp/school/daycare.)

Before we launch into my photos of kid snacks, I just have to quickly share my latest food crush. These Beanfield's Bean and Rice Chips are soooo good. To add some veggies to this snack, I serve them along with my pea dipspinach dip, or an edamame hummus. At the party above, I brought them along with my go-to yogurt dip

Here's what the packing looks like, when you're standing there in the chip aisle, looking at a dizzying away of choices! And here are a bunch of other recent snacks to inspire you...

Above: cucumber "coins" + red peppers "swords" + one child wanted some of last night's shredded chicken and the other wanted apples (sprinkle with a bit on lemon juice/water mixture to prevent browning) + organic strawberries

Back to Nature Crispy Wheat crackers + Earthbound Farm's carrots + ranch dip (can you tell this is a day when I was short on time and hadn't prepped my own fruits and veggies?...)

apple slices and puffed corn cereal (again, i hadn't taken the time to prep, so store-bought it was that day... costs more, but at least they're still getting their fruits and/or veggies)

chive cream cheese (make your own by mixing chopped chives (or any other herb/shredded veggie) with organic whipped cream cheese... or buy) on celery + cucumber "coins" + one of my kids wanted yellow pepper "swords", the other wanted as many celery sticks as would fit in his tin...

last night's (leftover) spinach pizza + a kefir smoothie

carrots + organic berries + a handful of Beanfield's (bean and rice) chips

this day, I forgot our snack and we picked these "Buddy Fruits" up at our park snack bar

mini pitas (or multigrain "slider buns" like we found at the market) filled with hummus

and you can never go wrong with good old raw veggies... with or without dip!

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