Monday, August 13, 2012

2 (fabulous) uses of leftover yogurt dip

I have tucked the rest of the meatballs from last week into the freezer, along with the rest of the stash I am leaving for my parents as a thank you for a superb month in the mountains of Idaho. But, I still had a bunch of the yogurt dip on hand, and that won't freeze. Lucky for us, we enjoyed the last of it two ways today, both of which I highly recommend:

For brunch, I placed a dollop of the yogurt sauce on each person plate, then topped it with a poached egg (or two). It was creamy deliciousness spread on the accompanying rosemary bread.

Later in the day, I marinated chicken breasts in the rest of the yogurt dip + lemon juice + olive oil (everything into a big zip-loc for about 30 minutes), and grilled it for a quick and easy summer dinner. As you can see with the kids' plate above, I also made good use of the rest of the grilled veggies we'd had with the meatballs (adding them to a boxed Seeds of Change blend I found in the pantry out here)... tomorrow it'll be back to cooking, as I think I successfully used everything up on Sunday!


  1. The second option is sounding so delicious. Mouthwatering!!!

  2. thanks for sharing.


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