Friday, June 8, 2012

school is out!

This is it! My kids are officially done with school. {Insert sound of screeching brakes.} I'm taking this next week to hike, swim, run, play, and read to and with them... and to get myself back on track. In the happy chaos of this last month, I lost my way with my healthy eating and my exercising... and it shows. My energy's down, my belly's up. Definitely, not the way I wanted to start the summer. But, it's fixable. I just need to make it a priority and spend a little time mapping out our family meals (and spending less time sidling up to the snack bar), making time to exercise, and penciling in some downtime for myself while running "camp mom". Once I have an idea of what our summer will look like, I'll loop back and let you know the scoop on when/what to expect with summer posts. If you don't want to keep checking, you can pop your email in here on the right-hand column, and posts will be emailed directly to you when they're up!

Alright, off to deliver teacher gifts, make fruit skewers for this afternoon's 3rd grade bash, and get my brows done (so I can see again) before picking my little one up at noon to officially kick off summer.

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