Monday, June 18, 2012

highlights raw day 1

Raw trail mix: dried goji berries + raw walnuts + raw pepitas + raw cacao nibs.

A green smoothie (from this morning) packed to go + lots and lots of water.

My afternoon snack while on a long conference call: fresh cherries + the last of the green smoothie + soaked almonds (raw almonds soaked in filtered water for about 6 hours, then rinsed and drained, and stored in the fridge).

A big batch of sun-dried tomato pesto made last night, which I plan to morph into dinner tonight. (I am on a conference call until the kids' bedtime, so they'll have leftover filet and sides from last night, and will just have some of this pesto as a dip for veggies...). I think I'll thin the pesto with lemon juice and put it over a big mixed veggie salad as a protein-packed dressing for myself this evening...

And last but not least: the fact that I prepped a bunch of veggies yesterday, so I can just toss meals together quickly today.


  1. Hey - I spy that smoothie in situ at the beach, right? That's awesome (mobile office!). How does raw make you feel?

  2. why yes you did catch me at my mobile office.... though truth be told, my clients today were 5 and a pair of 70-year-olds who also needed catering to. so, the only work I got done there today was watching a swim lesson, building a sandcastle, ordering lunch for my in-laws and child, and going for a seashell walk with my little one.... no schoolwork can really get done in that setting....

  3. oh, and as for how raw makes me feel.... hmm, check back in with me after 7 days. i am excited to do this whole foods cleanse, but honestly, I don't think going raw all the time is for me. what I would like to do is expand my repertoire of raw recipes, so I can integrate them into our normal rotation of goodness!


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