Saturday, June 23, 2012

highlights from raw days 5 + 6

Friday got away from me, so these are the highlights for days 5 + 6. I'm telling you folks, this has been one clean eating week around here. Holy cow. I can hardly believe I'm at the Day 6 mark of 7 days eating raw. Will I always eat raw? Nope. But what it has done is reset my cravings, demonstrate what quantities of foods my body actually needs (who knew that I didn't actually need those leftover crusts from my son's grilled cheese. Who knew!) and I've broadened my recipe repertoire to include some seriously fabulous new finds, that just happen to be raw. So, it's been a win-win all around. Oh, and the fact that my white jeans are now looser? Bonus.

So, without further adieu (since who know how long my kids will stay napping.... yes, I put them down for a nap today. I know, I know. But they needed it. And well, so did I...). OK, so highlight of yesterday #1: making time for a walk, no matter how nutty my day.

Because if I had not gone for a walk, I would have never known that there are blackberries growing in Waveny! Orange/yellow trail people...

And, if I had not done this raw week, well then, I would still think I had to buy summer rolls at the local Thai restaurant. Nope. Yours truly has mastered the art of the summer roll! (Recipe coming soon, I promise!!) Seriously, these are so darn easy + healthy I may make them once/week this summer.

And then there was the picnic last night that I was so, so excited to bring my raw offerings too. I knew my girlfriends would love these new recipes. And then, boom, we're pulling into our club and the skies open up. Literally. Rain like we haven't had in, oh, about a week. But thanks to a very generous friend who isn't afraid to let a whole pack of picnic revelers descend upon her house, we all hauled our offerings into her kitchen, laid out the picnic table cloth and voila! (And yes, my green gazpacho had my friends-- and their husbands-- swooning. It is that good.)

And today, it's been all about water and making a fresh batch of summer rolls to take to the second potluck of the weekend. That, and putting the kids down for an (unheard of) nap.


  1. Too much to hope that every elementary school could have lessons on growing/eating good food?

  2. We can all hope. First step is for parents to model good eating at home, pack healthy lunches, and provide a variety of yummy, healthy foods for their families...


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