Wednesday, June 20, 2012

highlights from raw day 3 (new food crushes!)

I'm not going to lie, this week of raw eating has been a challenge. I am able to create amazingly delicious meals, but I've realized I miss the nuttiness and chewiness of whole grains and the comfort of legumes. We've been eating a ton of meatless family meals, so I don't miss the meat. Maybe it's that I don't like having my food choices restricted. Really, I think that's the issue. 

But I needed to do something to get myself back on track; back to being a little more mindful about the foods I was eating. And if nothing else, this raw foods week of a 3-week cleanse (the first week being a paring back of the taboo stuff, then this raw week, and next week we shall see...) has made me more cognizant of what my body craves.  

So, the latest installment of "food crushes" takes this raw week into consideration... and the fact that I was unexpectedly out and about all day. Sure, I could have just picked up some pieces of fruit or maybe a salad somewhere...but I wanted some "treats": raw-approved vittles that someone else labored over. And I also wanted some crunch to go along with all of the smoothies, pestos, puddings, soups and salads I've been whipping up. Brad's Raw Kale Chips are one of my favorite snacks, and today I thought nothing of plunking down some $ to indulge in a box. 

Then our health food store in town said these local crackers were popular, so I indulged again. They are really good. You have to like the consistency of flax crackers, which I do. And their simple addition of arugula, tomatoes and cippolini onions gave these just the right texture and taste I was craving. I can't find a website for this company, Healing Home Foods (out of Pound Ridge, NY), but they appear to frequent some local farmer's markets and Healthfare in New Canaan carries their full line.  

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