Sunday, June 24, 2012

exciting news!!!

What could be more exciting than this year's teacher gifts?

More exciting than me whipping up and passing along a new phenomenal, super easy recipe (that also happens to be healthy and family-friendly too)?

Answer: the full plate blog caught the eye of the editors at Forbes and was named to their "2012 Top 100 Sites for Women".  Seriously. Get outta town, right?! I know, I had to pinch myself too. I love writing the full plate blog, and I am really, really honored to be included in this list of 99 other sites that includes HuffPo WomenPinterest, Babble, Cafe MomThe Bloggess, Smitten Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman, and bloggers who are way cooler that I could ever hope to be, like A Cup of Jo, and one of my long-time favorites, The Nie Nie Dialogues, just to name a few. I am in absolutely incredible company. I could spend hours delving into the blogs on this list, and I think I will this summer.

Oh, which speaking of, I should tell you that posting this summer is going to be kind of sporadic. Of course I'll keep sharing away with the easy recipes, but each week's schedule may be different (depending upon my children's camp schedule, and my amount of free time). I recommend subscribing via email if it annoys you to come over and either have to play catch-up because I found a chunk of time and wrote three posts in one day...or have been spending too much time at the beach/park/backyard and didn't get to post for a few days. You subscribe (via Feedburner) there on the right hand column. See it? And for those who may be new, that post-a-day during my raw week was a "bonus". Just wanted to let you all know I was still alive and kicking. Normally, expect a post or two a week... enough to keep you inspired, but not overwhelmed. Sound good?


  1. Congratulations and it's well deserved recognition for the time and talents you put into this amazing blog helping the rest of us easily, quickly and nutritiously feed our families!!

  2. Congratulations! That's how I found you and I can't wait to keep reading.

  3. Thanks Melissa! Welcome. Hope you find the site helpful + inspiring. I really enjoy writing it. - Eila


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