Thursday, October 8, 2009

Appetizer Ideas - Cheese Pairings

Cooking is easy once you understand what flavors and ingredients go together, and are able to balance the texture of a dish. The app I made last night worked because the textures went well together (crisp shell, creamy cheese and a little showiness of the dried fig) and the flavors complimented one another (salty Feta and sweet fig).

The October 2009 issue of Health Magazine has a great one page article (page 146) on cheese pairings that I thought I’d share if you’re looking for other filling ideas, or to put out as a stand alone appetizer.

Gorgonzola + Honey
Feta + Figs (great minds think alike!)
Cheddar + Mango Chutney
Goat Cheese + Dark Chocolate
Camembert + Grapes
Stilton + Port
Manchengo + Membrillo (quince paste, often sold at cheese shops or gourmet stores)


  1. There's a fig compote that would go great here! I buy it at Stew Leonard's, but I saw it at Balducci's too. Did you use those frozen phyllo shells?

  2. Mmm, the fig compote would be wonderful. Yes, I just use those frozen phyllo shells. They're so easy! Stonewall Kitchen (which seems to be avail everywhere) also has some great jams that could be used in lieu of the dried fruit.


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