Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall fun at Stone Barns

I totally missed the boat signing up for a fresh local turkey from Stone Barns this year. The idea was appealing, but the thought of driving out there on the couple days leading up to Thanksgiving conjured up visions of bumper to bumper traffic on the Merritt. By the time I’d decided it might be worth the trip they were sold out. But, that doesn’t mean we can head out there for some fall fun another weekend. In fact, next Sunday (November 1) they have some very cool activities planned for families:

Kid’s Cooking Class at either 11am or 2pm: Make a pear sauce, $10/child. (Kids will get to bring home a jar of their homemade sauce too! The description says it’s "similar to apple sauce but made with local pears and honey". Sounds delish.)

And I know my children would love to help the resident farmers build winter hoops at 1pm on Sunday. According to the description, these are the “raised tunnels that protect cold weather crops and keep vegetable going strong through the chilly fall and winter months”. Again, it’s just $10/child.

To register for the programs, you may call Stone Barns at (914) 366-6200 ext. 152. To find out more about what’s going on at Stone Barns, click here. And to read about past adventures we’ve had there, you can always click here. I am a big fan of the place.

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  1. Stone Barns Center has some amazing programs for kids. And what a beautiful place to visit on a fall day. Thanks for sharing this!


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