Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Full Plate

So, I was a little irked when I heard that NYC mom/chef/writer, Brooke Parkhurst, named her new blog “Full Plate”. It’s not like I own the name. I mean, I barely have time to write my blog entries, let alone deal with all of the legal mumbo jumbo, after getting three meals a day made for my family. Still, I got a little ruffled when it popped up on a Google search. It’s the same feeling I’d get when a friend would announce they named their baby the same name we’d chosen just months before. (Never mind that we’d chosen one of the most common boy’s names that year, particularly in Fairfield County.) Still, you know what I am talking about. I guess that since I’ve been spending so much of my free time writing these entries, I felt a little proprietary about the name. And then I realized that this is probably exactly the way Domenica Catelli must have felt, if she ever knew out my initial Mom-a-licious blog. Each of us chooses a name because it resonates with the way we feel and captures the information we’re sharing. So, may each of us keep on writing about and sharing our Full Plates. But this does beg the question: could two of us also be Mom-a-licious? Hmmm…

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