Monday, October 19, 2009

(Super Simple) Halloween-Themed Snack

Stroke of pure snack time genius…thanks to my 2-year-old who has a thing for cookie cutters. He wanted a snack before preschool, so I gave him a slice of cheddar. Boring old square. He asked if he could cut it into a shape before eating it, so I opened the cookie cutter drawer to grab a star or something and he spotted the pumpkin cookie cutter I’d picked up to make sugar cookies for next week’s Halloween party at school. “It’s orange like a pumpkin!” he excitedly announced about his cheese. Why yes it is, and with one swift press of the cookie cutter, you too can have pumpkin-shaped cheese this week!

And since I know not every kid is a fan of sharp cheddar, I also picked up some provolone for Friday's class snack…which just happens to be white like a ghost. Perfect. Kid-pleasing and so easy.

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