Monday, July 30, 2012

more lunchbox ideas!

carrot pinwheels (whole wheat tortilla + cream cheese + shredded carrots rolled up and then sliced) + organic pepper spears + 100% organic apple sauce + Divvies cookies as a special treat

yogurt tube + cream cheese and jam sandwiches + organic berries + organic grapes

mozzarella balls + Applegate maple sausage (leftover from breakfast) + organic blueberries + a yogurt tube + pretzels

smashed avocado and shredded veggie sandwich on multi-grain bread + organic raspberries + a Danimals smoothie (as a special treat... ah, the power of TV advertising....) + cheddar cheese (that my little one cut into shapes as I was packing lunch)

organic strawberries + my go-to meatballs + pasta and tomato sauce (from the night before) + carrots


  1. Pinwheels! Great finger-food idea for both kids, and as an appetizer when guests come over. I had forgotten about that--thanks for the reminder! :)

  2. Love these! You can do great pinwheels with all kinds of things--my most recent was sun-dried tomato and green pepper with shredded romaine. I really enjoy the creative outlet of packing a lunch.

  3. How do you keep things warm? Or do u serve cold sausages, etc.?

  4. The kids eat them cold! I did invest in a warming container for this year's lunches.... but usually they just enjoy them cold.


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