Friday, July 27, 2012

home again! home again! jiggity jig!

So excited! I just came back from an entrepreneurial retreat out in L.A. where I got to spend the week brainstorming the sort of programs I'd like to offer all of you swellmom's out there (and having some fabulous photos taken! This is one my girlfriend snapped with my iPhone... cannot *wait* to see the professional ones!!).  Don't worry, the full plate blog is still going to be the awesome (free) resource it's always been. I love writing this blog.

However, several moms have recently asked me to help them with things like meal planning, which I'd love to do. But, my "free time" to work on specialized programs has been pretty limited (understatement). I feel truly lucky to have been able to stay home with my kids the past several years, and the dueling laptop gig made me feel guilty. Writing blog posts after the kids went to bed sufficed to keep me engaged, and know I was helping my mom friends navigate the kitchen.

{Insert drum roll} This Fall, my younger son heads to Kindergarten (crazy, crazy how time flies!!), so I am moving into a new phase of being able to answer your requests... and still be an amazing stay-at-home-mom. I'm still working out the kinks to make sure I am present with my family... but you can go ahead and start getting excited!! We are going to have so much fun together. I cannot wait to help all of you swellmoms get comfortable-- and excited about-- whipping up simple, healthy meals for your families.

I'll have more details in August.  More pressing right now is trying to figure out how to turn off the crazy robot that greeted me this morning... 

because I have a very swanky art sale to attend! Another batch of lunchbox ideas will pop up here on Monday, and I'll be sharing a new simple summer recipe to share next week. Have a fabulous weekend! - Eila

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  1. Wow--sounds like you have some awesome things coming up around the bend . . . :)


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