Sunday, July 15, 2012

5 lunchbox ideas

cream cheese & jam sandwiches + organic apple sauce (100% apples + h2o) + Beanfield's sea salt + pepper chips + carrots

organic apple sauce (100% apples + h2o) + organic strawberries + steamed edamame, dumplings and dipping sauce (leftover from dinner the night before)

homemade strawberry pinwheels (whole wheat tortilla + organic cream cheese and strawberry slices rolled up and then sliced) + carrots and bell peppers + a Divvies cookie as a treat + organic blueberries

frozen grapes + organic peppers "swords" and cucumber "coins" + pepitas + Annie's gummies as a special treat + rice crackers

fruit salad + cheese tortellini pasta salad and grilled chicken-apple sausages (leftover from the BBQ the night before) + carrots + mustard and ketchup to dip

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