Wednesday, July 4, 2012

breakfast fit for the 4th

Healthy-- and quick-- start to our 4th of July holiday!

Today's 4th of July smoothie: organic strawberries + blueberries + banana + raspberries + 2 cups of organic greens (spinach this time) + 2 cups of water.

And scrambled eggs with sun-dried tomatoes + a side of red and blue berries. (Lots of berries going down little hatches today.)

This is the only meal I am cooking today, as we're out and about. But, if you're looking for other festive and healthy red-white-and-blue inspiration I recommend:
blueberry-yogurt muffins
"flag" cake
mini fruit skewers (adding in blueberries too)

Hope you have a wonderful day with family + friends!

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