Monday, July 16, 2012

long on zucchini? how about some fritters!

Mmmm. I know several of you are long on zucchini at this point in the summer. Have you tried these zucchini fritters yet? So, so good!! (Yesterday we had them topped with sour cream and kale pesto...)


  1. I love zucchini!!! I'll have to try this. Thanks!

  2. That looks awessome and very delicious! Thanks for sharing. Have to try out.

  3. Hi Eila,
    I'm just finishing my IIN coursework in september. am excited to try some of your recipes - i like cooking healthy, but DO NOT have the knack for throwing it together - so excited to see your tips

  4. hi angie,
    i hope you find lots of inspiration on my blog! do reach out if you ever have specific questions.
    - eila


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