Friday, January 27, 2012

thank you and sorry for any confusion...

Humph. Here I was all excited to be in the running as your favorite inspiration when it comes to simple, meatless, family-pleasing meals but I received an email today (as I shot up through the top 10) that "we have unfortunately had to remove your blog from the Top 25 Vegan and Vegetarian Moms competition as it is not a solely vegan or vegetarian blog. Although you do feature vegan and vegetarian recipes, we see that you have many recipes that include meat and unfortunately that does not fit in to this contest category." I'm disappointed, but I totally get it. While I am cooking several meatless meals a week, and rocking my goal of expanding my meatless repertoire, at my core, I am a believer in "everything in moderation".

I truly appreciate all of you who voted for the full plate blog, even if it was in vain this time. It really did mean  lot to see so many friends and readers being so supportive. In less than a day, the full plate blog went from the bottom of the list to #7 because of your votes. (That is simply awesome.) While my blog won't appear in this niche category, I do still encourage readers here who are interested in expanding their meatless meal repertoire to check out those in the top 25 because there are some really awesome (purely vegan and vegetarian) blogs out there. While I choose to stay flexible in our family cooking, inspiration can always be found in other's ideas!


  1. I'm all for people increasing their number of meatless meals for health and well-being. Although I am a vegetarian, I grew up in a meat-eating family, so I understand it won't appeal to everyone. I look forward to hearing some more of your meatless recipe ideas. I am always looking for more ideas to feed my family of four! Thanks for your kind comment today and your vote!

    1. just voted for you again this morning! oh, and before I forget, WHERE oh where is the recipe for that phenomenal looking treat photo'd on the voting page?

    2. Thanks! Those are vegan Sweet Marie bars and they are super easy to make. You can find the recipe at

    3. hooray! i just pinned it to my "recipes I can't wait to try" board on Pinterest. so excited!! thank you for linking!

    4. That's great. I just added Recipage to my blog so recipes are easier to find. I have to go back and enter old recipes now though. I just started to follow you on Pinterest. I'm looking for some great ideas :) I am at if you want to take a look.

  2. sorry to hear about the news! :(
    AND thanks for all of your support on my page!!! :)


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