Monday, January 2, 2012

"detox" salad

I came across an absolutely fabulous blog yesterday: oh she glows. Someone had pinned her detox salad recipe and the name and visual caught my eye. The kiddos head back to school tomorrow, so in addition to perusing my past lunchbox photos for ideas, I wanted to prep something for myself to kick the week off on the right note: something that was healthful, that could be made ahead and that tasted good. If my New Year's goals are going to be sustainable, they had better taste good and make me feel good. This salad was intriguing... I modified it slightly since I have no idea what kelp granules are (and quite frankly, they sound a little nasty). I also omitted raisins (both because I didn't have them and because I'm not a huge fan). And I added some pepitas. Here's my version of detox salad (broccoli + cauliflower + carrots + sunflower seeds + currants + pepitas + lemon juice) in action:

2 heads of broccoli, pulsed in the Cuisinart with the blade

1 heads of  cauliflower, pulsed in the Cuisinart with the blade

6 medium carrots, shredded in the Cuisinart

a hearty shake of raw, organic sunflower seeds

a hearty handful of currants (since I like them better than raisins)

and then I also added some raw pepitas (the insides of pumpkin seeds, which I keep in our snack drawer)

I squeezed the juice of 3 lemons into the bowl, mixed it all together and voila! It's pretty darn good!! Probably not the sort of thing I'd "crave" weekly, but it's a nice raw, healthy salad to have on hand this week for a quick lunch and/or to serve as a side dish with dinner.


  1. Your photos always make the food preparation look easy & do-able. And I love this salad - I'll try it myself soon.

  2. What a great idea, detox salad, let me know if it works x


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