Wednesday, January 11, 2012

breakfast pizzas (a.k.a. the reincarnation of the frittata)

You guys know that I am all about make-ahead breakfasts. They are one of the reasons we do eat breakfast every day... and a nourishing one at that. But, sometimes even my tried-and-true rotation of oatmeal, protein pancakes, and yogurt parfaits needs some changing up...enter Breakfast Pizza [and the crowd goes wild].  

I'd made an enormous (as in 12" diameter) frittata last week with onion, chard, kale, spinach, zucchini and Parmesan. It was great the day I made it...perfect the next busy school morning... but by day 3 I knew little noses were going to be turned up in search of variety. So, I simply smashed (for lack of a better word) some frittata onto slices of lightly toasted whole G "fitness bread" (though any hearty bread will do), topped it with a slice of sharp cheddar, and baked them at 350 until the cheese was melted.... voila, a new breakfast hit was made! You'll note that I also topped a few pieces with hot sauce and jalapenos for that extra kick.

So good (and such a great way to use up leftover frittata if you're not in the mood for--or don't have quite enough frittata to go around), that this might become one of our weekend go-to's....

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  1. What a smart way to get your kids to eat the rest of that frittata.


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