Monday, January 2, 2012

more lunchbox ideas

School starts up again tomorrow for many full plate readers. Do you know what you're packing on Tuesday? If not, here's some inspiration....

dried cranberries + a cup of yogurt + juice as a treat + leftover whole wheat spaghetti and turkey meatballs (which he ate cold, no problem)

steamed green beans + slices of chicken-apple sausage + a carrot + a yogurt smoothie + honey-wheat pretzels

veggie crudites + yogurt dip (Greek yogurt + fresh herbs blended in the Cuisinart...leftover from the night before's lamb-pistachio meatballs) + gingersnaps as a treat + whole wheat pasta salad with chickpeas from the night before

hummus + carrots and celery to dip + a cream cheese and jam sandwich + Gingersnaps and strawberry yogurt as treats

homemade gingerbread cookie + puffed Kamut cereal to munch on + chopped rainbow salad + blueberry yogurt + the last of the lemony chickpea pasta salad

pulled pork and coconut-curry butternut squash (from dinner the night before) + a homemade gingerbread cookie + peas (fun to pick up with your hands when mom is not around) + slices of cucumber


  1. Hi Ella, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your link :) Great lunch boxes here girl & I look forward to staying in touch :)

  2. I love your blog! These lunches are awesome. Do your kids actually eat them? My youngest is SUCH a picky eater, anything green (that is not a cucumber) really throws her into a fit. But my older two would love these sorts of things... I'll have to give it a try.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    Thank you! So glad you're enjoying my blog. It's fun to write! To answer your question, yes, almost the whole lunch comes home eaten. Sure, some days I strike out on something...but usually it's b/c it didn't hold up well (apples or bananas turned brown, etc-- and I wouldn't find that appetizing either!). I have always tried to provide a bunch of healthy options. I don't make a big deal about the contents of their lunchbox to them, I just pack it and send it off to school. So, I'm not privvy to any outburts-- ha ha!! But, I have yet to hear a complaint lobbied by either of them, so I think they're enjoying what I pack! Let me know how it goes if you try some of these ideas. Always love hearing reader success, or need-some-more-help, stories! - Eila


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