Saturday, January 22, 2011

table talk

Because of the soup bounty from Monday’s swap, I really didn’t need to cook much this week. That was good because between two snow days and the boys’ tag-teaming sick days, I did not catch a break last week. Those of you on the facebook page know that I did still manage to bake not one-- but two-- big batches of cookies. Other than that, we enjoyed a lot of soup.

Assuming everyone goes back to school on Monday, I’ll get back to jotting down some fabulously simple, healthful recipes for those who want some inspiration. Until then, why don’t we do a little give-away!!

The notion of family dinners has been a hot button topic lately. So, say you’ve got the meal made (or assembled, or picked up), and you’ve got everyone at the table. I don’t know about you, but I am the solo parent at the kid’s dinner hour on weekdays and if I try to ask about school, I get a lot of “I don’t knows”. So, when I saw these little matchbox-sized “Box of Questions” at our local variety store I thought they were brilliant. Each matchbox-sized box has 21 different questions, and they are things like:

Where is the coziest spot in your home?
What do you think is the greatest invention of all time?
Do you have a family rule that is unfair? If so, how would you change it and why?

I am not really sure why they say age 6+, unless they’re afraid small children might eat the cards? Anyway, I think they’re perfect for any age child and I have four of these little boxes to give away, and will mail them anywhere in the U.S. There are two ways to enter:

Two winners will be randomly chosen from those who “like” the Meals in a Snap facebook page. So hop on over and “like” the site, if you haven’t already!

Two winners will be randomly chosen from the comments section here. Simply leave a comment here letting me know your favorite, go-to family meal.

For double the chances to win, you are welcome to enter in both places! But hurry, this contest only runs from today, January 22nd at 10am ET through Monday, January 24th at 11:59pm ET. (Winners will be contacted Tuesday morning for their mailing address.) Enjoy!!


  1. Those look fun! My fave family dinner this time of year is Chicken & Dumplings!

  2. Christine NJanuary 22, 2011

    Homemade chicken fingers!

  3. Our family favorite go to meal is Rao's recipe for their Lemon Chicken. It is easy to make and delicious! Here is a link to the recipe in case you are interested. I make it even easier by buying a cut up chicken.

    Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes and tips.

    Jennifer M

  4. Quesedillas..I can get a veg, meat and cheese all in one. this week I make shreaded zucchini ones (heavy on zuc and light on cheese)on whole wheat tortillas...both my 3 year old and 1 year old ate them up.

  5. Frittata (and, in the case that we're REALLY in a hurry, just a plain ol' scramble with toast and vegetables).

  6. Barefoot contessa perfect roast chicken, a salad, and a side of either the vegetables mentioned in the recipe or long grain and wild rice (we like Carolina rice). A dinner that everyone eats.

  7. Pasta Bake: Boil a pound of rigatoni (or whatever noodle you've got handy). In a big bowl mix a container of ricotta, shredded mozzarella, grated parmesan, a box of chopped spinach wrung out VERY well, an egg, oregano, dried basil, parsley, salt and pepper, and a jar (or homemade equivalent) of your favorite pasta sauce. Mix it all together, add in the pasta, put half in each of 2 square/small baking pans with more shredded mozz on top, freeze one and and bake the other at 350 for about 45 min. If I have sausage or other ground meat I add that in as well. Even friends' kids who "won't eat vegetables" gobble it up spinach and all!

  8. My favorite go to meal is ..... someone else's house!!!!
    Or Grandma's Beef Veg Soup.

    What store did you get the ??? at ... I'd love to pick some up as hostess gifts.

  9. If you don't win 'em, I picked mine up at McKenzie's in New Canaan!

  10. Our weekly stand by when I no time to cook or I have my own girls night out... Tortillini, pesto, cherry tomatoes and freshly grated parm. Everyone is happy!


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