Saturday, January 29, 2011

recent rainbow plates

This winter has derailed me a bit. With the frequent snowstorms, and snowdays/snow delays, I'm making fewer trips to the market, and relying a lot more on what I have in my pantry and freezer. I'd venture to guess that this is the case in many of my CT friends' homes!! Still, we have to keep making meals two or three times a day, and the goal is to have them be healthful (and eaten), right? To inspire you, here are a few more "rainbow plates" plates from the past week.

Above (last night's dinner for the kids): carrots and edamame + chunks of pineapple + cherry tomatoes* + Rico M. Panada's empanadas (sweet corn & cheese and the chicken pot pie kinds).

*Note that I was thrilled when my little one asked for cherry tomatoes and popped a box in his little cart...I gave myself a little pat on the back for fabulous parenting. It was only at dinner time that I learned he "wanted to see if they really shoot juice if you squish them down hard?!!" [Deep sigh] At least he ate them after figuring this out.

And, those empanadas were a side another day alongside cups of homemade turkey chili (hauled out of the freezer) + carrots + edamame.

Those of you who are following on facebook got a sneak peek at these next three plates...

Black & Pinto Bean Cakes (with toppings of cheese, salsa and sour cream) + chunks of mango + edamame + carrots. (Yep, there's a trend around here of minimal side dish prep during snow days...)

There's also multi-tasking if I have had to make an app for one thing, and dinner for the kids....

Pinwheels of edamame hummus rolled in whole wheat tortillas + apples + shredded cheese (messy, but a crowd pleaser) + Clementines.

Jolie ravioli (broccoli & cheese) + marinara dipping sauce + a homemade chocolate chip cookie + carrots.

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