Sunday, January 23, 2011

less is more (in the playroom too)

We didn't leave the house today. It's just too darn cold. Between these low digit days, and the old CA friends I've reconnected with this past week, I am wistful for my childhood where we could play outside all year round. Anyway. Rumor has it that there's another big storm on the way, which I refuse to believe because that will surely mean another snow day. But, if that really is going to happen, then it was high time we got the playroom back in ship shape, so parts of toys and board games don't end up strewn throughout the house (threatening to both trip me, and drive me nuts). In the same way that Small Notebook's author wrote about her undie drawer (and I took to heart here), I know the kids have more stuff to "do" when the toys are whittled down and organized. Undertaking this project with the "help" of my 4-year-old was like herding cats, but now that it is done there's a sense of accomplishment (and relief). And-- miracle of miracles-- since we finished, I haven't been badgered once about "turning the TV on because he has nothing to do". Next up, the pantry and the massive stack of articles and recipes I have ripped out of magazines this past year.

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  1. That's my plan for the next few weeks. Thanks for the inspiration!


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