Monday, January 31, 2011

recent headline: stocked freezer keeps mom sane

Or more sane than she would have been if her freezer hadn't been well-stocked...

I remember taking these photos after the first-- or was it the second or third-- storm of the winter? Anyway, it was back when the Southern Californian in me still thought that snow was this novelty. Even after 10+ years on the East coast, there's something peaceful and beautiful about a storm, when looking at it from the coziness of my home. I was relishing the snow days as times to sit by the fire with my boys, drinking hot cocoa and listening to it crackle as they played Legos or turned our recycling stuff into cool sculptures and I went through long neglected to-do piles.

Anyway, that was several storms ago. I am totally over the excitement, and quite frankly, feel pretty darn scattered. It's been virtually impossible to make a commitment to get to a yoga class... and while I always have to make three meals a day, for some reason having everyone dependent on me 24-7 is taking its toll. The saving grace has been a well-stocked freezer. Cooking once, and packing meals away is always a bonus in my book. But when you are snowed in with the kids (again) and dinner is taken care of, it really makes a difference. Trust me.

In anticipation of the next storm (don't shoot the messenger), here are a few of my favorite freezer-friendly meals. Each one pairs perfectly with a nice, big glass of wine:

Beef & Bulghur Meatballs
Meatballs (more "traditional" ones, that can be eaten as is or popped on spaghetti)
Greens & Cheese Pie (similar to Spanakopita)
Hearty Bean Soup (buy a packet of dried beans at your local market and follow along)

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