Tuesday, January 25, 2011

and the table talk winners are...

Good thing there's another snow delay so I can let the winners know before the school bus comes. Phew. (Note hint of major sarcasm as I watch the snowflakes outside coming down progressively harder and harder since I started counting the winners...)

Anyway, let's forget about this latest flurry and get on to official business. As chosen by random.org, the winners from those who left comments here were numbers 5 (Meredith) and 3 (Jennifer M). And from the Meals in a Snap FB page the winners are #12 (Ninorah Fernandes-Brookshire) and #163 (Elissa Ashwood). Note to self: counting up from the first "liker" in the FB page was sort of a logistical nightmare. Nothing two cups of coffee couldn't fix, but I'd love any suggestions you all may have for a more efficient counting system for the next give-away. (I have a few great books and an exciting ticket give-away up my sleeve!)

I am not sure whether each of you is local or faraway, so I will send you a message via FB to see where you'd like this little gift mailed! I hope it inspires some good conversations around your dinner table. Enjoy!

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  1. Meredith who said your family's go-to meal is a frittata and Jennifer M who linked to the Rao's recipe, please send me an email (eiladjohnson [at] gmail [dot] com) and let me know where you'd like your little gift sent!


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