Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to "everything in moderation"

They say you should never trust a skinny chef. Well, I am not quite sure who "they" is? What I do know is that it's August and I cannot blame the dryer for shrinking all of my summer clothing. This has definitely been a summer of indulgence. A lot of good food, a lot of festive drinks at the end of the day, a lot of good times. But, it's time to reign it in a bit and go back to the "everything in moderation" mantra that still lets me have fun but has me feeling way more "mom-a-licious" than I do today.

First step: loading the fridge and counter with healthy options.

Second: whipping up some tried and true recipes to have one hand like black bean salad, some roasted zucchini, making a batch of Giada's basil dressing so I can easily top grilled fish, chicken or stir it into quinoa, and sides like this wheatberry one that is hearty enough to be a vegetarian meal. If I plan to keep one or two of these recipes on hand, getting dinner on the table is a snap.

And lastly, the no brainer for most of my svelte friends but one where I seem to fall short: make time to workout. (Here's where I'd love your suggestions...since it's impractical for me to make it to a workout class until school starts I would be thrilled if you would post your favorite workout videos or home workouts in the comment section.) I've plugged it before, but think it's worth mentioning again... if you have a little one and are finding yourself in the same (um, shall we just say it: fat) predicament, then by all means, sign up for a Stroller Strides class in your town. The thought of borrowing someone's baby just to go back to these classes and feel great again has crossed my mind.


  1. I just finished reading "French Women Don't Get Fat" for the same reason! We've been blessed with an unusually mild summer out here so we're taking lots of after-dinner bike rides and walks around the block. I refuse to buy bigger clothes!

  2. Oh, and what's that yummy looking potato side you have in the picture?

  3. LOVE that book. Maybe I'll re-read it. Thanks for that reminder Janet. I'm a tad bit past acceptable portions (see above- ha!) of all of this delicious food. I like food too much not to enjoy a fabulous meal 3x a day, but it's the moderation mantra that's key!

    The potato side is Ina Garten's French Potato Salad: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/french-potato-salad-recipe/index.html

    I think I make it once a year at a friend's request.

  4. My gorgeous looking fitness instructor friend recently recommended to me Tracy Anderson's workout video (but not the ballet one) as I was complaining that I have no camp or babysitter this month. Seems a few of us are having the same dilemma! I thought I would pass that along.... of course do we ever stick to the video as close as we do in a class? So tricky.


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