Saturday, August 28, 2010

Down for the count

I have been down for the count. I am trying very hard not to dwell on the fact that our getaway to the mountains was crushed by illness. The view from my bedroom was nice, after all. And the kids got to spend an inordinate amount of solo time with their grandparents. But I missed all of the hiking, biking, and mountain lakes that past years' visits have highlighted. And there's a reason why people have children in their 20's, 30's, or 40's and not in the grandparent years...thankfully my parents could go to their regular yoga class this morning for a brief zen period this morning since I am slowly able to re-enter the world of the living.

And then there's the whole cooking aspect. For the past 10 days I haven't cooked. At all. See, we have this unwritten rule around here: I arrive with the kids, for a nice long visit...I cook, my dad does the dishes and my mom exposes the kids to her love of art. Then as a family we hike, and bike, and play in streams and rivers. Bliss. Unless I am down for the count.

So, as far as kitchen things are concerned, I am living vicariously through a few of my favorite blogs. Without recipes of my own this week, I share a few of my favorite posts with you:

I do not know how she does it, but nienie puts out a spread to welcome the school year that you have to find inspiring (even if you're like me and know you could never pull something this put together off).

Susanna, over at paper oranges, who always sources the most amazing things found this fabulous sectioned plate (and you all know I love those sectioned plates for my kid's meals).

While I'm not a baker, Kelsey's recipes over at Naptime Chef just might inspire me if the fruit is still great when we head back East. This plum torte and this apricot-blueberry cake both just look amazing, don't they?

And then there's City Mama's Weekly Meal Planning... which is the reminder that I really need to knock this out of my system because starting next week it's back to reality without special grandparents to help cook and take such good care of my kids!

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