Friday, December 13, 2013

the gift of a stocked freezer! {two-for-one special holiday offer}

Wondering what thoughtful gift you could give that would truly bring joy and ease into someones busy life?

I recently stopped by a friend's home who is doing the "Stock Your Freezer in a Snap" program, and she excitedly showed off her stocked freezer.

Later that same day, another friend texted me this photo of her freezer jam-packed with deliciousness.

Which got me to thinking, as I restocked my own freezer with a few of our all-time favorite recipes... In this time of giving, wouldn't it be nice to give a friend, relative or co-worker  the know-how to stock their freezer with nourishing, delicious meals? So, I am offering a very special holiday promotion to my Full Plate blog readers: for every person who purchases the "Stock Your Freezer in a Snap" program {$49.99} between now and December 31st, 2013, you will have the chance to give an instant download of the same easy-to-follow cook ahead program to one friend, co-worker, or family member as well!

This two-for-one special is guaranteed to make your life easier, and bring a tremendous amount of joy into someone else's busy life!

The fine print: upon receipt of payment, you will be sent a link, from SendOwl, to download the complete program {which includes: done-for-you shopping lists, helpful packaging information, simple recipes laid out in manageable cooking days, and a set of my tried-and-true personal chef recipes that freeze beautifully-- more info on the recipes can be found here}. I will then reach out to you, within 48 hours, for the email address of your friend, relative or co-worker, and have a complimentary download sent to them, entitled "Gift Download of the 'Stock Your Freezer in a Snap' program". You will also receive an email, from me, which will describe the program, which you can either print out and wrap, or email to your gift recipient, so they know the download is from you!

So if you have been on the fence, now is the time to purchase the program and look forward to a New Year of nourishing, delicious family dinners... even on the busiest of days. Happy Holidays!!


  1. I would truly love to get the "Stock Your Freezer in a Snap" program but I have recently become gluten sensitive. Will you ever make it gluten free?

    1. hi jojo,
      right now, i am just focusing on families enjoying a little bit of everything in moderation... i would consider doing a g-free version in the new year, but am not sure how many of my readers are eating that way right now.... we'll see? if i continue to get feedback that that's something they'd like i will consider it!!


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