Monday, December 2, 2013

calm, delicious night? thank you, freezer!

There is really nothing better than having meals at the ready, particularly as the holiday season ramps up and I'd rather enjoy a glass of wine by the fire, or some simple downtime to look at Christmas cards, versus frantically try to get a family dinner ready when we roll home and it's cold and dark.

So, I'd like to encourage even more of you busy parents to stock your own freezers in a snap.

Because you are cooking ahead, you aren't cooking all the time.  A little cooking here and there, some tried and true recipe and some know-how about how to freeze meals successfully and you'll be enjoying nourishing, delicious family dinners {and a "bonus hour" while they cook!!}. 

I do this stocking of my freezer once during the Fall, and then fill in with a re-stock of a few recipes here and there, and then I do a big restock of meals once more during the winter. I know that there is always a homemade meal on hand, which takes the stress out of mealtime.

Sound like something you would like to try, either now or after the holidays? This self-paced program is just $49.99, and you will receive an email {from SendOwl} with instant access.

For all of the nitty gritty on the Stock Your Freezer in a Snap program, click here. Cheers to "bonus hours" and to feeding our families well, even on the busiest of days!!

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