Friday, February 17, 2012

we have a winner of ruby slippers (tea)!

After having each of your comments read aloud-- "but without the name so it's random!" 

each of your "favorite book(s) to read while you are drinking tea" was jotted down... and assigned a number.

The numbers were put into a bowl

and to assure (complete) randomness (and 8-year-old fun), eyes were closed and chopsticks were used to choose the lucky #....


which might mean very little, unless you also had the list of books and number assignments. So [drum] roll, the winner of a bag of Ruby Slippers tea from Mamacat Teas is Leelee, who wrote, "Jack...I am a chamomile kinda gal, it helps me sleep...try it sometime if you have trouble closing your eyes at night? My favorite book to read with my chamomile tea when I am ready for bed, is a book called "The Giving Tree" ...have you read it?" Yes, it is one of our family's favorite books too! We hope you enjoy this tea the next time you read it. Please send us an email (mealsinasnap{at}gmail{dot}com) letting us know your mailing address, so we can have this special tea sent to you!

For those who did not win the Ruby Slippers, you can still try this delicious tea by visiting Mamacat Tea's booth at the indoor Winter New Canaan Farmer's Market (Tuesdays 2/21 and 2/28 from noon-3pm) at the New Canaan Nature Center, or by visiting their pop-up tea shop "Babycat Milkbar" at 300 Danbury Road in Wilton, CT, or by ordering the various child-friendly teas online.


  1. Hi Eila,
    I love how you did this creative!
    Katy x

  2. I am a winner! Yeah Me!!!

    This is so adorable how you did this with Jack and even though I know he and I have a love affair going, I am glad you displayed the pics to see it is true fate that keeps us together!!

    xxoo Leelee

    1. I hate to break it to you, but he has no idea who you are.... seriously, he could not be more out to lunch when it comes to older women having monstrous crushes on him, At least I don't have to worry about any cougars movin' in. This was random to the nth degree. You know Jack... he's all about combining statistics with imagination!!

  3. Jack...

    What a fun Mom you have to do this fun project with you, and so happy that your chopsticks picked my name to win. I cannot wait to try the ruby slippers tea, it sounds delicious. Thank you for picking me!! Yeah...

    Hugs to you my friend.

    1. I'll get your address off to Mamacat. The girls will LOVE this tea, and there's a cute pop-up tea shop in Wilton you could take them to as a girl's outing...


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