Tuesday, February 14, 2012

new favorite green: sauteed mizuna

A visit to our town's first winter (indoor) farmer's market last week resulted in the discovery of what might be my new favorite green. When I purchased it, I thought I was going to be sauteing dandelion greens, another I had never tried. But, in fact, Gazy Brothers had this beautiful, feathery mizuna and some fresh leeks at their stand. Both caught my eye (even if I had no idea what I was eagerly purchasing). A simple saute of roughly chopped mizuna and leeks along with a dollop of Riverbank Farm's garlic scape pesto (also from the farmer's market) and a bit of olive oil and wow, I might have a new favorite green.

The mizuna was delicious as is, a perfect healthy side. I used the whole stalk...

The kids enjoyed it much more than sauteed spinach (which as you all know, morphed into spinach dip last time I served that up....).

And I added the leftover sauteed mizuna to a delicious veggie frittata towards the end up the week, which was a perfect make-ahead breakfast for busy school mornings, and an early departure to the ski mountain.

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  1. I've never tried sauteed mizuna, but it sounds delicious and kid-friendly!


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