Thursday, February 2, 2012

inspired by...

Inspiration comes from all over... sometimes it's a veggie that catches my eye, other days it's a magazine full of tantalizing photos that's arrived in the mail, or maybe I hear a blip on NPR and wish my drive lasted a little bit longer so I could have heard the whole story. This week, my inspiration came largely from Facebook. Yes, Facebook. As in the however-many-billion-trillion-gazillion-their-IPO-will-be Facebook. I love logging in as mealsinasnap and seeing what other moms I admire are writing about and sharing.

This company reminds me of just how lucky I am. Something as simple, and as frequent, as going to the supermarket. As the mom of two very able-bodied children, this is something I just take for granted.

This teacher just amazes me with his passion, creativity and resourcefulness. I highly recommend setting aside 15 minutes to watch Stephen Ritz's TEDx presentation about the Green Bronx Machine. It is truly the most uplifting, empowering presentation I have seen in a while. Wow.

And dialing back down as we near the end of a busy week, my friend Bar posted the most wonderful excerpt today. A must read for every parent.

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