Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yummy Homemade Frosting

We like cake in our house. I’m a push over when it comes to sweets. If one of my boys announces that it’s a stuffed animal’s birthday…we bake a cake. Usually it’s me baking and them (ok fine, all of us) doing the eating, so I was pleased that my older son wanted in on the baking action last weekend.

The Homemade Frosting (I pretty much put on every cake around here)
Cream Cheese (bricks)
Powdered Sugar
Pure Vanilla Extract
(or any other type of extract: lemon, etc.)

Let the cream cheese bricks soften a bit. Whip (I use a hand mixer) at least 2 bricks of cream cheese with a couple teaspoons of vanilla and start with half a bag of powdered sugar. Continue to add sugar until desired level of sweetness, and vanilla until desired taste. Color with food coloring, if you desire something jazzier that pure white.


  1. We love to bake around here too. It's one of my toddler's favorite activities and I am happy to oblige. He'll say, "more baking, please, Mama!" and we'll make muffins or even a cake for the dog :)

  2. I can vouch for this frosting after having sampled a delicious train cake that would put most of us to shame!


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