Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rainbow Breakfast

My comment yesterday about a plate of food looking like a rainbow and my son counting the colors on his plate spurred a bunch of emails from friends. It seems that we’re all looking for ways to encourage our children to eat a variety of wholesome foods…and what child doesn’t like a contest? By suggesting your child go on a “hunt” for colors on their plate, you will be encouraged to make it more colorful, and they will (hopefully) be excited to see what’s being served. This is today’s breakfast entry and the count that ensued in our kitchen at 7am. If you're daunted by the prospect of getting ready for school morning chaos, please keep in mind that all of the fruits and veggies were prepped yesterday so making breakfast just involved scrambling eggs and toasting the muffin:

Green: grapes & chopped avocado (“2 greens!”)
Yellow: scrambled eggs & yellow peppers (“2 yellows!”)
Red: bell peppers (in the eggs) (“1 red!”)
White: onion (in the eggs) & cream cheese (“2 whites!”)
Purple: grapes (“1 purple!”)
Blue: blueberries (“1 blue!”)
Brown: whole wheat raisin English muffin (“1 brown!”)

Grand total...10 colors!

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