Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dinner's Ready!

It was my turn to cook for my Wednesday Dinner Exchange (see March 18, 2009 posting for details on how to start your own). Last week we enjoyed an amazing Gazpacho alongside a Shrimp and Orzo Salad cooked by Christine. So yummy. For anyone who is keeping track, yes, today is Tuesday. The beauty of this swap is that we're all moms and we all have busy schedules, so the group is flexible on the day you pick to cook. Now the serving dishes are packed up and ready for my three friends to pick-up. Here is what I whipped up:

Cuban Picadillo
Citrus-Infused Black Beans
Endive salad with beets, pistachios and goat cheese + sherry vinaigrette
Fresh mango with cinnamon, toasted coconut and mint

The house smells fabulous, and I got all of the cooking done between the time the school bus came for my big one and my little one’s mommy & me gym class started. Translation if you prefer to go by a clock: about 2 hours start to finish (with a couple breaks to answer the phone, admire a block building, and check email).

Will post the recipes momentarily…just need to get the little one to nap (instead of systematically dismantling his bookshelf) so I have a couple minutes of peace to type them up for you.

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