Thursday, November 5, 2015

Back to Swell Challenge #4: cup of tea

Back to Swell Challenge #4 is to hit the pause button and enjoy a cup of tea

Steal a moment of quiet at home, or meet a friend out for a cup of tea. Your choice.

I don't know about you, but I need gentle reminders to stay hydrated. In the chillier months, I try to keep a stash of herb teas at the ready, since I find that one of the most enjoyable ways to get half my weight of water, in ounces, down the hatch. These are a few of my current favorites:

What are your favorite teas? Leave a comment below letting me know if there are any great ones I should try and you'll be entered in this week's drawing for a "birthday" present. Two more options for bonus entries: take a pic of your quiet moment, tag @swellmom, and use the hashtag #backtoswell on Instagram, and/or leave a comment on the daily challenge post over on the FB page.

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  1. Hi Eila,
    I recently found your blog and I am really enjoying it!
    I found it when I was reading about the Ten Day Detox Diet, which I did back in May. I am back on the strict phase now, but it really works to reset the system.
    I drink Tazo Refresh tea, which is a minty blend. It is very nice.

    1. Ooh, that sounds yummy. Love a good mint tea, particularly after eating. Look forward to trying that one, Linda.

  2. I like Tazo's passion tea with lots of honey. I also like red zinger and lemon zinger. If I am sick sometimes I make my own tea using fresh ginger, about 1/2 cup honey, water, fresh lemon or orange juice and some fresh lemon or orange zest. I combine all ingredients and cook for about a half hour on the stove and strain and serve.

    1. I make the same lemon-ginger-honey brew, but I love your idea of using orange instead of lemon. I am definitely going to try that! Thank you for the inspiration, Eleni.


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