Monday, November 2, 2015

November "Back to Swell" Challenge

Today is the first Monday in November, which also happens to be my birthday month. So, for these first few weeks, I have fifteen special challenge for myself-- and any of you who would like to join me. {Yes, there will be parties and presents involved!}

Rather than get caught up in the frenzy of upcoming holidays, or wallowing in the grays that keep springing out of my head, I'm putting a little spring in my step, and making the first half of November a "Back To Swell" Challenge. I'd love for all of you busy moms to join me.

Here's how it will work:
  • There will be 15 Back-to-Swell Challenges posted here on the blog between now - November 20th. If you complete the challenge, leave a comment on that blog post, post a pic of you doing the challenge using the #backtoswell hashtag and tag @swellmom on Instagram and/or leave a comment on that day's Challenge on the Meals in a Snap Facebook page.
  • I will randomly award a few little "birthday presents" to those moms who are getting themselves Back to Swell. Win-win-- not only will you be taking even better care of yourself, you'll also have a chance to win a little pressie. 

Let's begin!

The Challenge for Monday, November 2 is to take a walk outside for at least :30 minutes.

Remember, comment below once you've done it. Tag a pic of your walk on Instagram #backtoswell or show me a pic from your walk on the Day 1 Challenge over on the Facebook page. 


  1. Done! Thanks for getting me motivated! 45 minutes walking the dog on this glorious fall day.

    1. Hooray! But I don't know who this is, to enter you in the drawing! If you'd like to be included, please LMK.

  2. Done. It's a beautiful, mild fall day here in NJ


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