Saturday, March 14, 2015

{almost Spring} break + link to GREEN foods

Spring is coming to the East Coast… gone are my YakTrax, big boots, and mittens,

but it's still very much winter when you look around. We'll give it a few more weeks!

So, we're still embracing the snow. A last hurrah, after what seemed like a very long winter.

My stash of homemade freezer meals is still very much appreciated-- especially recipes like Red Coconut Curry {pictured here after a full day of skiing}, Roasted Carrot-Cashew Pesto, Loaded Veggie Calzones, Enchiladas and Greek Stuffed Peppers.

Nothing beats being able to put a homemade dinner on the table in mere minutes, with minimal effort. I've got dinner 100% under control.

But, as the seasons change, I'm starting to peel off the layers and starting to think about how I can clean up my care routine a bit. The first thing I've done is get back on a regular vitamin routine. While I eat healthfully, it's still hard to get enough of important vitamins. But, honestly, I wasn't sure what to take on a regular basis. I've found a company-- ALOHA-- that makes it easy for me with their "Daily Foundation" packets.

And while you're checking out their products-- if you feel like you also want a treat-- I recommend their "Superfood Chocolate" too. Yum. Big fans of it over at our house. 

As an affiliate for Aloha, I have a 15% off link off of purchases over $50. Just click here and use code  15ALOHA50. Perfect for busy moms, like me, who want to perk up, but need someone to tell them what to take!

We're on school break for the next two weeks, so it's going to be quiet here on the blog but by the time I'm back, hopefully the snow will have melted, and we can celebrate Spring with some new, quick and easy recipes. In the meantime, a few of you have asked me for some good "green" ideas for St. Patrick's Day, and I've got you covered. Here's a Pinterest Board full of ideas! And here's a round-up  of green food ideas I assembled a while back, plus if you're looking for a clean idea, this is a fav. 

Please note, this post contains affiliate links. Same price of goods to you, but I earn a small commission for recommending products I use and honestly recommend to my friends. The small earnings keep the blog from hobby status… win-win for both of us. 

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