Friday, November 22, 2013

making the most of a sick day {how a well-stocked freezer makes it rather blissful}

I will not lie... I heard the sounds of screeching brakes when my older child's sniffle from last night turned into a full-blown-stay-home-from-school-chest-cold this morning. I had my whole day planned out, including my annual pilgrimage to the Container Store for the upcoming Pumpkin Cannelloni Project / homemade Christmas gift packaging / wrapping paper + all of my pre-Thanksgiving grocery marketing.

But all of that running around was not meant to be. Instead, I'll join the crowds at the market next week, and today I'll stay home and take care of my older child. We'll sit by the fire during a {forced} day of relaxation. {Something I would never do on my own.}

And the fact that I found myself well-stocked for any untimely illness makes today actually kind of blissful.

Want to prepare for winter cold season too? Both of these recipes freeze beautifully, so you can make a big batch and tuck them away for days when you might need them:

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