Wednesday, November 20, 2013

a relaxing Thanksgiving?!! i've got you covered!

Why am I flitting about the trails with friends instead of sitting at home stressing that I've got a huge feast to plan?

Because I've got it all planned out! My shopping lists are done. {Heck, most of my grocery shopping will be too, by Friday-- ahead of the crowds, baby!}. All of my family's favorite side dish recipes have been divvied up across a few hours of cooking here and there. I'm gearing up for a sane Thanksgiving week ahead!

I want time to relax before the feast. Time to enjoy my family and company. And I want all of you to do the same! Bundle up, get out an enjoy a walk, address Christmas cards, meet a friend for coffee, just chill with a glass of wine and a magazine ... Do anything you want. But do not stress about the feast. I've got you covered!

And to make the deal even more festive + fun (as if having me plan out a sane Thanksgiving feast weren't bliss enough!) all purchasers of my "Feast in a Snap" instant download who do so before Friday, November 22, 2013 (at midnight, EST) will be entered to win one of three $10 Starbucks gift cards... so you can meet that friend out for coffee, on me.

So what are you waiting for? A nervous breakdown? A kitchen fairy?

Feast in a Snap is an instant download {handy for those like me, for whom patience is not a virtue}, which will be delivered to you by SendOwl, so you too can get totally organized and enjoy a relaxing-- delicious-- feast next week. More info on the recipes can be found here. 

The fine print: Winners of each of the three $10 Starbucks gift cards will be chosen by on Saturday, November 23, 2013, and announced on the Meals in a Snap Facebook page and here in the comments section below. Your lucky entry # is the order in which the Feast in a Snap ebook was purchased. Winners will be emailed (to the email address on file with SendOwl) on Saturday and have 24 hours to reply, or a new winner will be chosen. Gift cards will be mailed to you on Monday, in time for a coffee date with a friend next week!! Cheers!!

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  1. The winners of the three Starbucks gift cards are {drum roll} Macia Liebich, Jennifer Hagen and Kelli Neville. I'll be emailing each of you to get your mailing addresses so I can send these off to you tomorrow. Enjoy your coffee date with a friend during this holiday week!


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