Monday, October 21, 2013

two new {and super easy easy} Fall apps: potato pancakes topped with truffle mousse and apple-cranberry butter + sausage and apple phyllo cups

I do love a Fall dinner party... but, like many of you, I want to prep the food ahead so I get to relax and enjoy my company. Here are two new app ideas for all of you who may be hosting Fall gatherings, inspired by chillier temps and autumn flavors. Hope you and your friends enjoy them as much as we do!

Potato Pancakes with Truffle Mousse and Cranberry-Apple Chutney

Trader Joe's potato pancakes
Les Trois Petits Cochons Mousse Truffee
Trader Joe's cranberry-apple butter

Heat the potato pancakes according to package (350, 10 minutes on each side), then top with a dollop of truffle mousse and cranberry-apple butter. Serve warm or room temp.

Note: the small frozen potato pancakes were found in the frozen breakfast section (by the waffles, croissants, etc.), the cranberry-apple butter was found by the jams, and the mousse truffee was in the cheese section of our Darien, CT Trader Joe's.

As you all know, I love anything stuffed into phyllo cups. They're versatile, easy to pick up, and they look special. I've filled them with Feta & Figs, I've made them Christmas-y with dollops of sun-dried tomato and pesto, I've brought them to Spring parties filled with pea dip, and I've taken them to Winter gatherings filled with white bean-bacon dip. This past weekend, they were offered up at our neighborhood block party, to rave reviews:

Sausage and Apple Stuffed Phyllo Cups
(makes 48 phyllo cups)

4 packages (48) Athens mini phyllo cups (found in the freezer section of most major supermarkets)
4 chicken sausages* (I like the Hans brand Brat ones)
3 apples (2 for the filling, cored + 1 for topping, 1/2" diced)
1 medium onion
1/4 cup fresh sage
1 8oz block cream cheese

While the phyllo cups are being crisped up in the oven (per package instructions, usually 350 for about 5 minutes or so), combine the four sausage, two apples, one onion and fresh sage in a food processor. Warm the brick of cream cheese in a fry pan until soft. Add the sausage mixture, and warm over medium heat, for about 5-10 minutes, stirring until flavors are combined. Place a dollop of sausage mixture into each phyllo cup and top with a piece of fresh apple. Serve warm or room temp. 

*You could also make this appetizer vegetarian, by filling them with this meatless "sausage" dip.

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  1. This is my first time to your blog. It seems that you are expertise in preparing quick and easy food. I love your brilliant ideas. I like the “Sausage and Apple Stuffed Phyllo Cups” very much. It is just perfect for a party or any events. :)


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